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Mt. Daisen
Mt. Daisen is the highest volcanic mountain with an elevation of 1,709 meters in Tottori prefecture, Sanin region of Japan. Mt. Daisen was designated a national park of Japan in 1936 for its magnificent landscape. Mt. Daisen also was chosen as the third greatest summits in Japan behind Mt. Fuji and Mt. Yari (Yarigatake).

Surrounded by the beautiful landscape of mountain and the Japan Sea, Mt. Daisen is the great place to enjoy outdoor activities. More than 10,000 people climb the mountain every year. There are active nature tours such as trekking and horse riding. 30min. drive from Mt. Daisen will take you to swimming beaches. Please see Ecotourism Daisen for details.

Make a little side trip from Mt. Daisen

Mt. Daisen is not the only notable site. You will also be able to make a little side trip for one to two hours to Tottori Sand Dunes, one of the oldest wooden castles in Japan Matsue Castle, internationally acclaimed Adachi Museum of Art and one of the most ancient shrines Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine. Three hours drive will take you to the world heritage Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine. Please see Where to Visit for details.

Visit the stage of ancient Shinto mythology

the stage of ancient Shinto mythology
Kojiki is the oldest extant chronicle in Japan. A collection of myths concerning the origin of Japan and Shinto gods were compiled in Kojiki in the eighth century. It is regarded as a valuable book to trace the history of ancient Japan. One third of the stories in Kojiki are said to be set in the San'in region, which include the prefecture of Tottori and Shimane. In Shinto religion, the gods reside in all things, but there are natural places considered to have an unusually sacred spirit and are objects of worship. They are frequently mountains, trees, unusual rocks, rivers, waterfalls, and other natural edifices. The idea of symbiosis with nature have strongly resided in the everyday life of the Saniners. If you are interested in the spirituality of Japan and the Japanese people, Sanin is the place to visit.
Please see Mysterious Daisen for details.

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